We offer an individual learning plan for all our students, whereby we work with host schools or the local authority to provide a timetable that blends into the students overall curriculum.

As a part time provision, we offer a blended plan taking into consideration the school on rolls requirements and other provisions whereby the students attend.

Overall, we believe that all children should have a bespoke education package and the opportunity to receive a varied and rewarding timetable.

Arts Awards

We are an accredited Arts Award Centre, where students can study Bronze or Silver Arts Awards at Cirque.

Bronze Award

Level 1 Award in the Arts


60 hours TQT

  • Take part in the Arts
  • Review an arts Project
  • Research an Artist
  • Pass on Arts skills

Silver Award

Level 2 Award in the Arts 500/9914/0

95 hours TQT

  • Complete an Arts Challenge
  • Review an arts experience
  • Research Arts careers
  • Develop Leadership skills through running a project

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Hair and Beauty Qualifications

During the last 4 years, we have become well established in offering Beauty Qualifications through VTCT.

Students have the opportunity to gain a variety of qualifications which is decided after an initial assessment and understanding individual learning styles and ambitions.

Current Courses:

Entry Level 3 Extended Award in Hair and Beauty skills

Entry Level 3 Extended Award in vocational studies

Level 1 Extended Award in Hair and Beauty skills

Entry Level 3 Extended Award in an introduction to Hair and Beauty

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Maths and English Functional Skills

At Cirque, we ensure that minimum core subjects are taught throughout all courses by blending functional skills into core paperwork. Maths as a standalone subject is available as Functional Skills at Levels 1 and 2. Schools who wish to refer students for Maths can do so, Maths is delivered in short 1-1 sessions, using workbooks.

Reading and writing comprehension is blended throughout our courses and tasks often include reading and following instruction. We offer Functional Skills English, levels 1 & 2. English is taught as blended learning and 1-1 in workbooks and exercises.


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PHSE Subjects

We offer a range of courses under ASDAN, these are flexible short courses within PHSE, vocational subjects and some core subject knowledge. We believe that all students are different and hence create an individual learning plan for each student, in agreement with their school and dependant on number of days on site.

  • Personal Development

Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

  • Food Wise
  • Personal and

Social Development (E3, L1)

  • Beliefs and Values
  • Citizenship
  • Preparing for adulthood

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Hospitality and Catering Short Course

We offer short courses through ASDAN to add to any curriculum package for young people.

The FoodWise Short Course offers exciting and rewarding activities to develop skills and knowledge through cooking and food preparation. This course helps learners develop practical cooking skills, as well as personal, social and work-related skills.

The FoodWise Short Course will enable learners to:

  • learn what is meant by healthy eating and wellbeing
  • learn and demonstrate the skills and techniques needed to cook
  • gain an understanding of the importance of sustainability and cooking on a budget
  • learn about aspects of the food industry and how it operates

Students interested in taking part in this course will need to have this as part of their timetable and agreed with their school on roll.


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Beauty Guild Practical Session

Are you looking to take your practical assessment for a private beauty guild course?

Our lists of prices can be found on the Beauty Guild Website, simply complete your theory then contact us to book your 1:1 training and assessment using your practical code.

You must be 16 to complete these qualifications, therefore only year 11 students will be offered these qualifications within the Alternative Provision, students at compulsory education age will receive these courses for free, assessments run throughout May and June.

Courses Offered:

Lash and brow treatments

Nail Tips with Acrylic Overlay

Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash extensions

Spray Tanning

Make -up

Gel Nails



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