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Our Alternative Provision School is a part time alternative to mainstream education where young people can learn practical skills in Entry Level and Level 1 Qualifications to support a wider curriculum.

We operate under a rolling framework agreement with the local authority for alternative and SEN provision. We are a fully quality assured provider.

We accept students referred from Schools our local Authority on a part time basis, which is aimed to support an overarching academic timetable with blended alternative provision.

We are proud to be different, from setting up as a small local provision, we are a Doncaster business set up by Doncaster people. We have built a solid reputation in offering Hair and Beauty Qualifications and are now expanding into more unique qualifications to include the Arts Awards, PHSE and short courses designed to suit each individual.

Our Beauty courses are within bespoke salons and our 14 room facility in the heart of Doncaster now boasts a new Kitchen and canteen, 1:1 tutoring,  Arts Studios and Music Production



What is apparent is that young people want ‘choice’ and that mainstream does not suit every individual. The overall goal of Cirque is add to these concepts by creating a provision for vocation learning centred by Arts and Creativity, by which beauty is only the beginning.

Through our induction and ongoing performance management we are committed to the ongoing development of each individual, this is through self appraisal, peer to peer assessment and 1-1 reviews. It is therefore pertinent to understand that we support both an individual’s technical and behavioural attributes in the school.

The individual Learning Plan is an agreement that we set out to ensure that each students experience here is positive.

Everyone is different and works to varying timescales and hence we have various courses to suit each student.

We make sure that all students complete a qualification, this is achieved through our learner journey booklet which contains an initial assessment, recognising prior learning and measures student progress via the monthly achievement records and SMART targets.