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The Cirque Foundation ICO provides pastoral care, support programmes and 1:1 counselling for all young people across Doncaster.


This is by appointment only

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go they merely determine where you start”

Nido Qubein

The Cirque Foundation is a registered charity supporting not only our students here at Cirque but also taking referrals from parents, young people or schools.


We specialise in providing emotional support to young people and provide counselling, integrative and holistic support.

Through a blended mix of vocational, academic and pastoral care, we are committed to providing a provision that allows young women from more complex environments thrive and create confidence, a positive attitude to learning and more emotional stability.


By providing counselling and pastoral care, the students, namely young women (although not exclusive) will have the opportunity to improve their mental health, mindset and future fulfilment and avoid fixed term exclusion.


Teenagers and Young People typically have many personal issues that have affected their ability to learn, which include being disadvantaged by means of poverty, difficult home lives, abuse and low self-esteem. Suicide rates because of mental illness is as high as 90%. Students with mental health issues are 50% more likely to have a mental health issue, therefore it is highly likely that the young people who access our provision will have complex issues relating to mental health. The Cirque Foundation therefore needs to be available for the students to access this crucial support.