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If you are a school in Doncaster and surrounding areas or part of the Local Authority, we can accept students from Year 9 – 11 on a part time basis.


Visits with Students and or Parents are available on request.


For referral information, please see our legal page

“No-one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”


Cirque is an Alternative Provision operating under the rolling framework agreement with the local authority and SEN provision and are fully quality assured.

We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed environment which allows young people who may not be suitable for mainstream school the opportunity to thrive and gain positive outcomes, learn a subject they enjoy and in an environment that stimulates creative minds to embrace kinaesthetic and vocational learning with the move back into mainstream education or employment.

Our DMBC Audit can be provided on request, along with our full policies and procedures, however some key documents can be found on our legal page.

We are fully quality assured by the local authority, including the enhanced audit in 2022 in line with Ofsted. This audit verified all our outcomes, professional standards, quality assurance and processes.

We also undertake a yearly audit from our awarding bodies to verify our quality and maladministration process.


We have a 14 room facility in the heart of Doncaster with a range of Salons, break out areas, ICT suites and traditional training rooms.

During the last 4 years, we have become well established in offering Beauty Qualifications through VTCT, we have now expanded to offer a range of courses to include the Arts Award, PHSE short courses, Maths and English and hospitality and catering.

Students have the opportunity to gain a variety of qualifications which is decided after an initial assessment and understanding individual learning styles and ambitions.

Many of our students have complex dynamics such as issues with peer groups or within a mainstream school, some young people are from within the care system. We work with all our students, if required, in liaising with anti social behaviour/young offenders officers, access sexual health services and emotional and mental health issues.

Referrals are accepted from all schools and associated organisations who have the authority and funding for a young person’s education.

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