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If you are a school in Doncaster and surrounding areas or part of the Local Authority, we can accept students from Year 6 – 11 on a part time basis.


Visits with Students and or Parents are available Monday – Thursday between 10am and 4pm.


For referral information, please see our legal page

“No-one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”


Cirque is an Alternative Provision School currently specialising in entry level beauty qualifications (VTCT) leading to professional qualifications from the Beauty Guild.


We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed environment which allows young people who may not be suitable for mainstream school the opportunity to thrive and gain positive outcomes, learn a subject they enjoy and in an environment that stimulates creative minds to embrace kin-aesthetic and vocational learning with the move back into mainstream education or employment.

We are open Monday-Thursday 10am – 2pm, with breaks at 11am for 20 minutes and lunch at 12:15pm -1pm, students who are consistently late will be asked to stay until 3pm and parents will be notified.


Students can access the site from 9:30am if they wish to have some breakfast onsite.


Our DMBC Audit can be provided on request, along with our full policies and procedures, however some key documents can be found on our legal page.


We have a 14 room facility in the heart of Doncaster with a range of Salons, break out areas, ICT suites and traditional training rooms.


Our bespoke salons are suitable for a maximum of 8 students per classroom and host a range of Nail Tables, Beauty Coaches, Make-up Stations, and training blocks for lashes and hair pin ups.


We blend Maths, English, ICT and some History into all our classes along with emotional, health and well-being to include drugs awareness, sexual health, relationships, family problems, employability, personal safety and self confidence,

Our salons are fully stocked with practical learning opportunities for young people to take an opportunity to learn a skill from a young age.


In our first year, we found students attendance improved, well-being and sense of achievement as they left with industry recognised certificates, we also support students into post 16 options, including grants from the Princes Trust to get started with products, interviews with mainstream colleges, employment and apprentices or options to stay with us until the transition is appropriate.


We have a relaxed environment with flexible break times and access to a kitchen to make breakfast or lunch if required.


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