Is your child disengaging with mainstream school? to gain a place at Cirque, a referral must come from a school or the local authority.


However if you have already been spoken to about a part time alternative provision, then find out more about Cirque here….

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking”

Brian Tracy

Here at Cirque, first and foremost we are parents, so we understand that every child is unique.

It can be frustrating when things don’t go to plan and an Alternative Provision can sound daunting, however you might find that it is the best environment to allow your son or daughter to thrive and feel more settled.

Our centre suits young people who are more practical in their learning and suit smaller classrooms.

We have in-house salons, therefore our Beauty School suits young people who are interested in learning entry level Hair and Beauty.

We are accredited to offer VTCT entry level qualifications 14-16 and Beauty Guild Professional Standards once students turn 16.

We are practical in our learning including Make-up, Hair Pin ups and Styling, Eyelash extension, Manicure and Skincare Routines.

This is an entry level qualification, which supports an individual into an apprenticeship or mainstream college.

All or students tend to have an increased attendance level and become more engaged than they have been in mainstream school.

However we do expect all our students to adhere to our behaviour policy and procedures, which can be found in the legal section of our website.

If we are concerned about a young person’s behaviour we will contact the main school and parents.

We operate smaller classroom sizes which means that young people can access more support than a mainstream setting.

Our vocational salons also ensure that sufficient practical work is available each day to keep young people engaged.


All our young people have access to the kitchen and are encouraged to use the facilities, we have breaks and lunch, where students can go offsite or stay and use the facilities.

Students have the resources to make sandwiches/cold lunch or breakfast and tea and coffee are available all day.

We have a number of chill out/canteens where students can choose to spend their break times.

If a student is continually late and missing education, we can extend their day until 3pm and will notify you of this on the day.