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Fully Funded Courses now available online!

We are delivering crucial online courses to adults across the Doncaster borough who are eligible.

To enrol you must be earning under £16,000, unemployed and in receipt of benefits or not working and in a caring role

“The person with the biggest impact on your education is you”

Michelle Obama

Employability, Health and Well-being with a Free Beauty Course

This is a 6-8 week course which has been adapted to support people at home throughout the Coronavirus lockdown.

This will take place 1 hour a week on a Monday at 3pm and will include:

Improving confidence and well-being

What makes us feel good? positive minds

Mental Health and positivity

Skincare routines

Make-up application, learn techniques to apply your own make-up

***Throughout the course, you will have access to online Make-up theory course via the Beauty Guild (not compulsory)***

This is a 6-8 week course designed at moving you towards self employment, for those who are interested, we will go through the theory of Acrylic Nails and an extra practical session will be offered Free

(once we are open again)

For now, this course is Online via Zoom, 1 hour a week on a Thursday at 2pm or for those with small children on a Tuesday at 8pm.

You will learn:

Health and safety at work and professional standards in a salon

Employment rights and responsibilities

Multi-asking, working at home with young children

Improving health and well-being

How to set up at self employed, how it affects benefits and childcare

Nails – introduction to he structure of a nail

This is an online course which will cover an introduction to teaching, this will also help parents at home with their children and give ideas for home tutoring and activities.

You will learn:

Safeguarding Young people

Public Speaking

Planning lessons

Inclusive teaching practice

How to incorporate Maths and English in to everyday activities

Have a go at a micro teach….