Reviewed EHCP attached – updated version not yet available. (password SEN123)

Katie joined Castles in November 2021. At the time she was living between different members of her extended family due to violence in the home between herself and Mum. Katie was taken into care and placed in a residential setting in Doncaster. She was then removed from there following a suicide attempt and placed in a series of unregulated settings. Since mid-May Katie has been living in a foster home in Doncaster with June and Keith Allison.
Whilst Katie was still in Doncaster, we were able to engage with her online and support her with some well-being sessions, as well as some basic literacy and numeracy. This became more difficult when she was moved into the unregulated settings in Huddersfield, Skegness and then Chesterfield due to the difficulties with access to the internet and staff support. Katie became very distrustful of staff she was with due to a series of incidents but we have tried to maintain the contact with her as a consistent education provider.
At this time, Katie is unable to access our provision due to her behaviours and the impact on other students. It has been agreed at numerous meetings that she needs a bespoke curriculum offer including therapy and practical work at a level we are currently unable to provide for her. A referral to Cirque has been suggested as the best way forward to re-engage Katie in learning and to initiate some structure and routine back into her daily life.

DMBC have agreed to support a few taster sessions prior to then building up her time at Cirque from September. Katie will be a Y11 student in September so a long term view of how best to support her moving forward into P16 needs to be considered alongside this. Preferred start date below is hopefully to get a couple of taster sessions in before the end of term.
Depending on package offered, Castles may need to negotiate additional funding for the placement from DMBC – they have been made aware of this already.