This statement is made on behalf of the Cirque Skills Pathway CIC pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’) and constitutes our group’s slavery and human trafficking statement.


Our Business and Structure


Cirque Skills Pathway CIC is a professional body and a Community Interest Company Limited by Shares.


The Cirque Foundation ICO is a registered charity.


Purpose and Voice


As an organisation whose purpose is championing better work and working lives, we have wholeheartedly welcomed the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This legislation is a crucially important development in tackling slavery and human trafficking and we will not trade or partner with any business or organisation which is involved in this shocking practice however remotely or indirectly.


Furthermore, we support other organisations’ with regards to their business practice and in doing so, promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are operating within their sphere of influence.


Our Supply Chains


Our supply chains include publishing and printing services, IT services, conference and venue suppliers, training providers and consultants, and marketing and PR services. We have reviewed the risks that these supply chains can present.


We expect our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to exploitation. To this end, all new contracts and those renewing, now include a clause requiring that our suppliers, and their subcontractors, comply with the Act, and include Cirque Skills Pathway CIC and The Cirque Foundation ICO right to terminate in the instance of any breach of this obligation.


Taking Action


As part of our procurement process, we will only engage with suppliers and contractors who confirm their compliance with the Act. This forms part of our Contractor Competency Checklist (IMS SOP 02 Annex 02).


We consider our exposure to modern slavery to be limited. We will continue to carry out a risk assessment for suppliers across the entire organisation and will ask for specific assurances from those suppliers carrying the highest exposure to risk.


We expect our employees to fully observe and adhere to Cirque’s policies and procedures. We have adapted and re-promoted our existing corporate policies to incorporate modern slavery and human trafficking issues, including our whistleblowing policy which allows employees to report any concerns confidentially. During this financial year, we will ensure that all staff across the entire organisation receive training on the awareness of modern slavery to assist them in their understanding, identification and reporting of these risks.