About Cirque

We are a community interest company and charity specialising in alternative education for young people and adults.


Our Charity, The Cirque Foundation provides counselling services

Alternative Provision

Many students simply do not suit mainstream setting and the academic route, this does not mean that they cannot engage in a learning setting, more so, that the learning setting needs to be more vocational.


We combat this, by designing a programme that appeals to a more interactive learning style away from the mainstream class. By providing not only something they are interested in, we are also providing something they can achieve and go on to carve a career out of.


We accept students referred from Schools our local Authority on a part time basis, which is aimed to support an overarching academic timetable with blended alternative provision.


Adult Education

We run fully funded short courses for Adults looking to gain extra skills, running across 3 hours a week over 8 weeks.


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